So today started like yesterday at 6:40 and i could not go back to sleep.. I even had to close my window today cause i was freezing… The day kept going and the temperature kept rising, and it seems we are keeping this heat a while longer before the real fall weather will come. Starting […]

So today even tho i could have slept for quite a few more hours i woke up at 6:40am and could not go back to sleep.. I spent the day talking to people while playing some games, it was a really nice day, i also did some laundry today cause well it was needed! Tomorrow […]

Today started at 4:30am cause work at 5:30am. This is the last week of July, it is crazy how fast this year and time really moves, sometimes i feel like i dont have time for more then waking up and then its time to go to sleep again. But for now i am setting a […]

Today i was so tired, i slept pretty good last night, but my energy is completely screwing me over.. The days themselfs are going past fairly fast and now its already midweek tomorrow! Tomorrow i start abit later, but Thursday and Friday is 2 early days more before another weekend is upon us once again! […]

Today i had to wake up at 4:30am cause i start working at 5:30am and i need atleast 1 hour to wake up and get ready so its good! The morning flew by the weather was kinda bad, heavy rain and some thunder. But then from nowhere the sunshine appeared and it was nice and […]

Yes so i was trying to get some sleep, but i woke up every hour anyway.. so at 4am i went up and i did plan on taking a nap during the day but that did not happend.. So now i am dead tired and i will be heading off to bed now after i […]

Today i woke up at 6am.. tried go back to sleep and couldnt.. This was the start of today.. The rest of the day went by pretty fine, and i could enjoy the warm weather abit before my allergies forced me to go back in.. Yes gotta love this season… luckily the weather are cooling […]