Sunday and the vacations last day is here.

So today is actually the last day of vacation from work this year! I have only been of work for a full week this year but it was a good one! Tomorrow it is back to work and i will be working fulltime from tomorrow and until around September and then when uni starts again…… Continue reading Sunday and the vacations last day is here.

Wednesday and so a new year begins!

2020 is here! The start have already been abit rocky.. but gonna focus on the small good things in life instead of dive headfirst into stuff i dont really need to put my focus on! Today i was up until 4:30am this morning cause reasons wich was i wasnt really tired… but fell asleep and…… Continue reading Wednesday and so a new year begins!

Monday groceries and games will do for this day.

So i decided that today was gonna be a proper gaming day, so in between lunch, ice cream and dinner i played games while talking to a friend. Time do fly when you chat and have fun together. Tomorrow is the last day of 2019 and as last year i will do a year review,…… Continue reading Monday groceries and games will do for this day.

Sunday finishing christmas cleaning!

Today i laid the last touches to this years christmas cleaning so thats all done! Tomorrow is gonna be spent preparing food and some very last minute shopping before christmas eve comes! I also played some more red dead redemption 2 and also released the first developer blog for the game im making! So much…… Continue reading Sunday finishing christmas cleaning!

Tuesday oh Tuesday

So today i been feeling better, mentally anyway and been able to play games today again! Played Maple for 1 hour then i had to take a break and lie down, played 15 minutes of gta but got the worst coughing attack so had to stop and lie down.. and finally managed to get my…… Continue reading Tuesday oh Tuesday