Tuesday oh Tuesday

So today i been feeling better, mentally anyway and been able to play games today again!

Played Maple for 1 hour then i had to take a break and lie down, played 15 minutes of gta but got the worst coughing attack so had to stop and lie down.. and finally managed to get my controller to work on sword art online hollow realization and that is great!

But i have been studying aswell, and tomorrow thanks to my amazing classmates i can join the lecture over phone! So i can listen in and be part of it like i would be if i where there 👍

The worst part of being ill and cough this much is that i and up with a nasty headache after some time.. But atleast i sleep full nights now so soon i might be back on my feet!

I wanna get back to the lectures and be able to breath normally again!

Ohwell tomorrow is Wednesday lets see what comes out of that day.