So today is the last day of this week, and it has been filled with exams, meeting up with friends, and headache throughout the whole week. It might have something to do with stress…cause this week have been really pilling up on that for me. Exams due work with things to do that i wanna […]

So today i started working at 7:30am and my exam was to open at 10am, so i got to work and it was so calm so i was thinking for a split second that i could work on the exam while there was nothing more that could be done… But i reminded myself that it […]

The theme for this weeks blogposts will probably and most likely be weather. Today was such a weird weather i saw the blue sky and sunshine between the grey clouds and i was thinking, maybe today we finally will not get some rain and can enjoy being outside! We went out, a while later the […]

Yes since Friday my coughing and throat and general condition have been getting worse and worse. But today it was bad i had to go out to do some grocery shopping and my whole body screamed i should just go and lie in bed. For the remaining day i been taking it slow and just […]

Yes today was a good day, work was great i had a blast even tho it rained until the afternoon we had so much fun! We danced, crawled around, walked with our butts! We read books and just had fun outside where the rain had asemble in big puddles! Then it was time to go […]

Today have been spent working on the last exam that is due in roughly 24 hours from when this post goes up! This exam was a tougher one since instead of 1800 words minimum they put it on 2250 words minimum… But i finished on 2257 words and tomorrow i just gotta polish the text […]