Thursday the final day of internship is upon me!

So today is the final day of my internship and its the final internship that marks the ending of this bachelor degree! I am feeling so weird that i now studied for over 3 years and its the final 15 weeks of studies. The second subject is coming up next week and that subject is…… Continue reading Thursday the final day of internship is upon me!

Wednesday all about the election.

So i am gonna just talk about politics and make this a short post cause today all i seen, read, gotten news about is the big and important election that is now happenings in america. Who will get to rule america for 4 years? Will it be Biden or Trump. Well the vote counting is…… Continue reading Wednesday all about the election.


Today i really didnt have a title in mind BUT today have been weird… Work flew by and then when i got home it was then everything started going abit weirdly… Nothing really went my way so i will call it a day now, and tomorrow we are already at halfway point of the week!…… Continue reading Tuesday…

Tuesday another early day and some reflection.

Today i was so tired, i slept pretty good last night, but my energy is completely screwing me over.. The days themselfs are going past fairly fast and now its already midweek tomorrow! Tomorrow i start abit later, but Thursday and Friday is 2 early days more before another weekend is upon us once again!…… Continue reading Tuesday another early day and some reflection.