Thursday the final day of internship is upon me!

So today is the final day of my internship and its the final internship that marks the ending of this bachelor degree! I am feeling so weird that i now studied for over 3 years and its the final 15 weeks of studies. The second subject is coming up next week and that subject is just to prepare us for the final examination that is the big final one where we gotta investigate and do some research!

Now the final day is going past and it feels abit weird to final be done with my internships, but the saying everything comes to and end can really be applied to this.

But as the end has been reached and i now only have 15 weeks left before im done with uni, i still contemplating the fact time truely fly by. I cant really phantom the fact i been studying for over 3 years already, and the fact is im almost done for probably the rest of my life.

People say enjoy the student time cause there is nothing like it. I agree but i am gonna be completely honest after this past year i am grateful for being done and also grateful for the fact that i will never again have to meet some people so yea time to finish this!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!


  1. Hi, just stumbled across your blog! What kind of internship are you doing? I just finished my Bachelor’s in Dec. 2020. I had several internships. Such a weird feeling to be finishing something (college) that you thought about, worked on, and planned for for so long. Kendall

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    1. I am doing a bachelor in younger kids education so i been having internship at a preschool 🙂 and yes it is a really weird feeling to actually never gonna do another internship again

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      1. Yeah! It’s nice to know that education never really HAS to end. I love being in school…even though I was incredibly burned out by the end of my degree.

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