Friday feels like im running around like a maniac.

So yea today i finally had that day where we write about my internship (simular to a selfevaluation) as an exam. So yea was working on that aswell as had to go to work today so i could talk to them to change my work schedule wich is the cause of uni decided to scrap wednesdays completely now.. and do tuesdays and thursdays instead for the next 5 weeks..

So after an hour or so we managed to make a plan for a new schedule for me so that will be starting monday.

But yea i am annoyed cause this is not what we were promised when i started. They stated our set day for lectures was gonna be wednesdays but yea now they go ham and do tuesdays and thursdays pretty much full days for the next 5 weeks.

But its the final subject before the big exam writing starts for 10 weeks that will be intresting so yea gonna go into hardcore study/reading mode starting next week!


By Dan

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