So here i am again, its sunday the 14th of March. Snow on the ground and +7 degrees celsius outside its a nice weather. But im feeling stressed and worried… not like worried about life but worried about exams and my thesis coming up.. I feel abit cold as my body rejects warmth for some […]

Yea i know the past weeks blogposts have been all about how cold it has been but its crazy and this is staying strong! The sun is out but there is a cold breeze so staying outside for more then 30 minutes is not easy to do… But the third week of internship has skipped […]

So i slept like a log, like a proper stone couldnt wake up even if i wanted to log.. But yea i woke up at 10:30am i normally dont wake up that late cause body wakes up early but maybe i needed it today. Its fairly cold outside today again with -14 degrees and it […]

So i think this semester have taught me new things but not everything have been good. I have been thinking up and down inside out about various things but yes, this semester did taught me intresting things that i will take with me. But it also taught me things i dont even know where to […]