Sunday …

So here i am again, its sunday the 14th of March. Snow on the ground and +7 degrees celsius outside its a nice weather. But im feeling stressed and worried… not like worried about life but worried about exams and my thesis coming up..

I feel abit cold as my body rejects warmth for some reason, its like a combination of freezing and not freezing at the same time… its weird i dont have a fever but i still am freezing infront of my heater..

I finished one of the exams and sent it in today, and i have another “exam” due on Wednesday so i will be working on that Monday and Tuesday to have it done and sent in aswell…

Im starting to work on my thesis in 2 weeks.. this will be my biggest assignment i ever done but i am excited to see what i find out and what my results will be.. But after thats done i will be done with uni and will finally be free and can call myself a preschool teacher.

Now i will look forward to a new week tomorrow!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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