Saturday frustration…

Yes how to understand me 101. The class is in session..

Jokes aside but I would love to understand why i keep feeling agitated at everything lately.. its not like stress but maybe it is but idk..

Deep down i probably know why i am agitated and anoyed at everything but like always i keep it locked inside until it burst open…

I dont know how long it has been since i even tried to be honest with myself, like i am to some degree honest to myself and towards others but this is something deeper.

Its not like i am sitting in a sinking boat just yet, its more like im sitting on the beach watching the water crawling closer.

But the water is just my reflection showing me what i truely want and well thats something not even i can reach if im being to scared..

Being scared thats something im used to as a kid everything scared me until my adult years, now im just terrified that its to late to let my watery reflection reveal who i am.

Or is it ever to late to see who you truely are?


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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