Today i started working really early (5:30 am). During the day work flew by so fast that i couldnt really do much today well it felt like that but we did do some different things at work and it was great seeing all the collegues again. The rest of the day i spent half asleep […]

Today i was so tired, i slept pretty good last night, but my energy is completely screwing me over.. The days themselfs are going past fairly fast and now its already midweek tomorrow! Tomorrow i start abit later, but Thursday and Friday is 2 early days more before another weekend is upon us once again! […]

Today was cloudy but it didnt rain so it was a good day! I felt really low on energy but it was fine! The day ran away and back home i didnt really have energy to do anything so i just had some music playing and sat down and was half asleep until dinner. After […]

Today i woke up at 5am.. I dont know why but i could not go back to sleep.. so i was so tired all day but could not take a nap or anything… I started preparing more for the exam that i am writing this week, but could not do more then prepare due to […]

Today started 7am by a phonecall, it was to me and it was from work who asked if i was able to work today and tomorrow, ofcourse i can work and so off we went 1 hour later to work. It was a great day even tho after eating lunch it took 1 hour and […]

Yea today started abit to early.. 05:30 I woke up, went up ate something and then started working on some projects. Even tho i told myself, lets take a nap at around 3pm for 1 hour i couldnt cause i was in a call with a friend so yea, i decided to have some fika […]