Today i woke up at 5am.. I dont know why but i could not go back to sleep.. so i was so tired all day but could not take a nap or anything… I started preparing more for the exam that i am writing this week, but could not do more then prepare due to […]

Today started 7am by a phonecall, it was to me and it was from work who asked if i was able to work today and tomorrow, ofcourse i can work and so off we went 1 hour later to work. It was a great day even tho after eating lunch it took 1 hour and […]

Yea today started abit to early.. 05:30 I woke up, went up ate something and then started working on some projects. Even tho i told myself, lets take a nap at around 3pm for 1 hour i couldnt cause i was in a call with a friend so yea, i decided to have some fika […]