Today was an intresting day, i went up and started at 8am. Then i started preparing for work and then i went to work and went through the day quickly, i got home and then i started working on this weeks assignment slowly with checking todays seminar and then i felt like it went good. […]

Today i started working really early (5:30 am). During the day work flew by so fast that i couldnt really do much today well it felt like that but we did do some different things at work and it was great seeing all the collegues again. The rest of the day i spent half asleep […]

Today was the start of a new week, and the weather in the morning was warm and sunshine with a few clouds on the sky and horizon! The further into the day we came the more clouds came in and the wind was picking up! I actually was feeling like it was cold in my […]

Yes today really started great with work and a warm gust of wind! It feels great and i cant wait for the rest of the summer to come tumbling in! So today at work i have been enjoying this weather and tomorrow im off work, on Wednesday i believe there is a lecture! But also […]

So today is monday and i have actually done something good today! I have actually managed to write up the text for the exam that is needed to be finished before wednesday! But we are 5 people working together so i have atleast contributed with my part. My friend sent me a link to a […]

So the weekend has passed and here i am on day 12 with coughing, being sick.. it is frustrating cause i dont have alot of energy.. I need to have energy cause i wanna do well in uni and be able to work on the side, but these 12 days have been draining. I just […]