Monday and the shadow of a new week hugs us all.

Why did i pick such an weird blogpost title? Well today i had a study session with my classmates, and we had some guiding cause of our exam that is due date next wednesday, wich we will have a presentation to.

Well this guiding session took around 20 minutes, cause we already had pretty much done everything, but we got some helpfull feedback reguarding the subject. The subject was to narrow and now it got abit wider wich is what we needed.

But now my week is pretty much booked, tomorrow im going to do an interview together with another classmate and it is gonna be fun! Wednesday i am gonna start working on collecting the data aswell as start working on my second exam. Then Thursday and Friday is going to work on the powerpoint presentation for next Wednesday together with all classmates. It is exciting and then i have some plans for the weekend aswell, and i am happy cause it is gonna be a blast!

But back on the subject of the shadow that hug us all, well this morning when i woke up i couldnt move, i couldnt sit up i could just lay down and not move. There was something keeping me down and it was quite heavy, but i wasnt afraid it did spook me but not more then i just didnt like it. All day today i felt like something in the back of my head watching me, it was like i had a shadow following me.

What was this shadow? or was it just me not having any energy? I will take it like someone was giving me a long hug. Cause i wasnt freezing or sweating it was just feeling like one of those hugs that is just so nice and makes you feel everything is gonna be alright.

I hope your Monday have been great!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!