Sunday what a week!

Today was the last day of this week! This week have contained quite abit, we said goodbye to 2018 and said hello and welcome to 2019! I am forcing myself to cut down on suger this year, not completely stop with suger but i am cutting it down abit, cause i have had to much things with suger in it last year.

I am focusing on uni, and next week i am ordering all the books i need for the next term, and hopefully i will be able to get them before it starts in 2 weeks!

In one week i have 2 exams again, one that is our group assignment and the second one which is the written one, wich i am gonna start working on this week that comes.

The exam itself isnt that “huge” but it contains quite abit, we need to use 8 different books and texts aswell as 2 of our lectures into that, and all in all i have 2000 words to work with not more not less just 2000! Wich is gonna be abit tricky unless this assignment will flow like it normally does when i work on my assignments.

This week i was also asked to make an additional exam wich they didnt tell me about before christmas break BUT it was fine, just wasnt a fan of not knowing. But that is done and over!

Today i also added the reviews to yesterdays post if you havent read it you can do so by clicking here:

I also added in more story/summary to the movie page so i have completed all of 2018 and 2017 years movies, gonna finish 2016 and 2015 in the start of next week!

But now ima go chill with some serie on netflix so i wish you all a good night! =)