Saturday another movie night!

So today is Saturday and my friend and i booked another movie evening for the big screen! Today we are gonna watch both A star is Born and Mary Poppins returns, wich is gonna be exciting to see how they are.

From the reviews and overall talk about the movies people are talking about them in a positive nature, so i am looking forward to watch them and create my own opinion of them.

So this Saturday will be a relaxing day with laughter, jokes and movies wich is needed! I hope everyone will have a nice relaxing Saturday!

I will be adding my reviews on the movies tomorrow to this post! Reason i post this post early is cause i will probably not be home until way past midnight.

A star is born

A Star Is Born Poster

A star is born is an emotional rollercoaster from the beginning when i felt the anguish and feelings that held back her from her dream of becoming a singer, all through the movie where it went up and down and we get to see a dark side of the musicians lifes. It is a long movie but not in a bad way, we get to follow the girl with a dream, to achieve the dream and the trouble with having someone near you who has own issues and problems.

Near the end came the biggest WHAT THE ACTUAL WHY moments in the entire movie and it was both unexpected and expected in another way, but this movie left me with feelings of happiness, sadness, aww how nice, and more feelings.

One thing for certain is that this movie is a drama and a love story movie with touches of music, the music segments and songs in this movie is delivered beautifully by both the singers and the feelings are all made clear as you hear them sing.

Lady Gaga gives an credible feeling of an unknown artist becoming known, Aswell as Bradley Cooper playing the part as the mentor/troubled musician. They made the movie and im happy to have been and watched it!


Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins kommer tillbaka Poster

Mary Poppins returns with Emily Blunt in the role as Mary Poppins. The story takes of with someone nailing an eviction notice on the door on a SUNDAY MORNING WHAT COULD THEY BE THINKING?!

The youngest child Georgie catches a flying kite and it flies up and he nearly gets wisked away by the wind, but luckily the lantern man Jack comes and manages to help Georgie hold the kite and down comes the one and only Mary Poppins.

The days that follows are filled with both laughter and tears aswell as some scary and magic moments, well to be franc is there any dull moments when Mary Poppins is around? I dont personally think so and as shown in the movie that is true!

In the movie i see a perticular face and im quite happy that she is in the movie aswell, even if it is briefly and that is Angela Lansbury, she has had the main role in one of my favorite tv-series “Murder she wrote”.

The musical numbers in the movie is many, and they all are quite happy and that is all well, cause some parts in the story have this feeling of heavy sadness and dread hanging over. BUT with the help from Mary Poppins and all the good friends the adventure flows without problem. The movie is well balanced and even tho it is abit over 2 hours long it feels shorter then it is!




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