Friday soon weekend!

Today was last workday of work week. Now onto this weekend where i will just relax and play some games and just movies for the full weekend. I hope you will have a good weekend! //Dan

Sunday second day of movies and mariokart!

Today was another day spent watching movies and playing mariokart! This marks the ending of the vacation and since we cant really/want to travel somewhere we go ahead and go through the huge list of movies that we talked about instead! Todays mariokart session went better then yesterday but i still got my butt attacked…… Continue reading Sunday second day of movies and mariokart!

Saturday movies and mariokart.

So today i went to visit my friend, and we have discussed watching videos and playing games so thats what the hangout will be all about! Mariokart is kinda an unforgiving game… on the last lap i was in the lead and my friend second place and i was bombarded! Blueshell + redshell + lightning…… Continue reading Saturday movies and mariokart.

Saturday movie reviews!

Today i went out and went to the big city near me together with my best friend. We were supposed to go last weekend but sickness came in the way. But this weekend we went and we watched both Jumanji The next level and Knives Out, and i gotta say this year started with some…… Continue reading Saturday movie reviews!

Sunday calm good day.

This night was not the best, kept waking up several times. But my stomach was hurting i probably i ate to much yesterday evening. The rest of the day was kept infront of youtube and a movie before i went home. Had a great weekend and tomorrow is a day at Uni! //Dan

Saturday movies and discussions.

Today i went to the movies again, been a month since the last time! But today the movies were: Countdown and 21 Bridges. Countdown is a horror drama movie, more horror then drama in my opinion. The movie is about an app called countdown that states that “do you wanna know when you will die”…… Continue reading Saturday movies and discussions.

Saturday spent with movies! 1 year Anniversary post!

Yes once again i went to the movies! It has been a while and it was awesome like always, discussing everything between life,studies and vacation aswell as movies and good food! The first movie i went to was Malificent 2 and it was good! It told the story (continuation from the first movie) about love,…… Continue reading Saturday spent with movies! 1 year Anniversary post!

Friday Aladdin and Spider-Man was on the watchlist!

Today was spent watching these 2 quite good movies, both was great in their own way. I do gotta say that Aladdin took todays spot due to a real punch to those nostalgic feels! There wont really be any spoilers as i only will talk about characters and how i thought the movies was in…… Continue reading Friday Aladdin and Spider-Man was on the watchlist!