Saturday movie reviews!

Today i went out and went to the big city near me together with my best friend. We were supposed to go last weekend but sickness came in the way.

But this weekend we went and we watched both Jumanji The next level and Knives Out, and i gotta say this year started with some good movies!

Here follows a short spoiler free review of the movies!

Jumanji the next level, takes the cast back to the game BUT what awaits them there is a new challenge they need to overcome to save Jumanji from chaos!

The players comes back to the game and the old movie characters are back, but new encounters makes a debute aswell!

Some characteristics gets to shine more then in the last movie wich was a really nice touch and i feel like this made as a good addition as a next level feel plausible. If you saw the last Jumanji this one should be watched aswell, it is filled with emotions and maybe quite a few people will recognice themself in the characters emotions and adventure!

To switch movie genre completely i am now going into a murder drama mystery wich is called Knives Out!

In the feeling like murder on the orient express Knives Out actually makes me several times guess the murdurer but the answer comes at the end of the movie and i wont lie it did chock me!

A renowned author of best selling books are found murdered and the victims family is all under suspicion of being the one who did it! But the mystery of who killed him is being told in a very methological way and more mysteries comes into light as the movie progress more and more!

I do recommend everyone to go and watch these if you havent already cause both were really good!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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