Today i had work, but that was not the best part of today! The best part of today was the fact that the sky was blue, not a single cloud and a really sunny day all day! Even tho it is February and the sun actually was radiating abit of heat, today was a really […]

Today have felt like a good day, been enjoying the day working on my game, baking and done laundry! We had leftover saffron so we decided to make some saffron buns! (60 buns to be exact), while the dough was rising i did some laundry and talked to a friend on discord. Tomorrow is Saturday […]

Yes today started with a hot oven and flour, salt, sugar,cinnamon and vanilla aroma filling my kitchen. Yes it was time to make some buns! Making the dough and let it rise took roughly 45 minutes. Then it took another hour before it was all done. The sun was shining outside aswell so it was […]

Today had quite some heavy rain coming down, but still managed to do a walk before it all started. Today at work it was an relaxing day, since it was a calm day i think that everyone enjoyed it and could have fun today. There isnt to much to read in advance for this weeks […]

Yes today was a day of tons of music since my hometown had some kind of music festival and it was pretty nice being able to sit at home and hear the music play. But when it got to much i just slipped my headphones on and the music was gone. (Loving my new headset) […]

Today have been one of those days were i been not having a goal with what to do for the day kind of days. I did grocery shopping and then i didnt do much more for the remaining day. I took a closer look at my rosebush and more and more roses are starting to […]