So today at work i decided that since we had an opportunity to fix things around the yard and more i decided to get some crayons and started sketching up things that have to do with traffic rules and it was so much fun, they wondered what i was doing so i gave them an […]

Today was a good day, sun was shining, but it was so hot so it almost felt unberable. So i stood in water and that cooled me down thankfully! I also have started reading the books in advance for when uni starts again. Slowly but surely i am getting through the books for the first […]

Today at work we started preparing more and more for next week when it starts for real. Slowly but surely everything is going into place and getting a place aswell, and the weather is just nice so we stay outside and just enjoy the days. I also wanna say the reason for so many double […]

First work week is done and now the weekend is here so i wont really be doing much cause the weather is bad and all the chores are done aswell. Music will be my company today and just enjoying a calm relaxing day with nothing happening is great from time to time! We are already […]

So today was sunny, abit cold but it was a really nice day! Was outside all day from 9am until almost 3pm nonstop, enjoying the awesome weather and sucking up some vitamine D from the Sun! Other then that nothing! //Dan

Today i had work, but that was not the best part of today! The best part of today was the fact that the sky was blue, not a single cloud and a really sunny day all day! Even tho it is February and the sun actually was radiating abit of heat, today was a really […]

Today have felt like a good day, been enjoying the day working on my game, baking and done laundry! We had leftover saffron so we decided to make some saffron buns! (60 buns to be exact), while the dough was rising i did some laundry and talked to a friend on discord. Tomorrow is Saturday […]