Friday preparing for saturday!

So yes today work just flew by it feels like, it was such a calm day and people tend to stress to much about stupid things, yes i know cause i do the same! But it all works out in the end just relax! So yes today at work we were supposed to be low…… Continue reading Friday preparing for saturday!

Saturday those cloud looked amazing

So today i taken a calm day, really just focusing on stuff i wanted to do and work on, so i enjoyed this Saturday! The thing was as i was walking down to do something i looked outside and on the horizon there was these towering huge black clouds, lining up and seemed to be…… Continue reading Saturday those cloud looked amazing

Friday a motivating day!

So today at work i decided that since we had an opportunity to fix things around the yard and more i decided to get some crayons and started sketching up things that have to do with traffic rules and it was so much fun, they wondered what i was doing so i gave them an…… Continue reading Friday a motivating day!