So yesterday was snow and today it was blue skies, sunshine and a really cold -9 degree wind blowing.. I hope we get more of these days this winter with some more snow so we can make use of the Hills and Forest roads to rush down from! But now weekend and i am gonna […]

Today was a good day, sunshine, clouds and a small breeze. It felt so nice working in this weather instead of the blasting sun, that makes it to hot so thats not a nice weather to work in. There was some rain in the evening aswell but that came and went as fast as it […]

Today was a good day, weather was great, my energy levels were on a good level aswell and got to spend the day outside! The weirdest part happend in the evening around 10pm it started raining like crazy for 10 minutes before it completely stopped and the sun was back up! I hope you have […]

So today was sunny, abit cold but it was a really nice day! Was outside all day from 9am until almost 3pm nonstop, enjoying the awesome weather and sucking up some vitamine D from the Sun! Other then that nothing! //Dan