Today was a good day, sunshine, clouds and a small breeze. It felt so nice working in this weather instead of the blasting sun, that makes it to hot so thats not a nice weather to work in. There was some rain in the evening aswell but that came and went as fast as it […]

Today was a good day, weather was great, my energy levels were on a good level aswell and got to spend the day outside! The weirdest part happend in the evening around 10pm it started raining like crazy for 10 minutes before it completely stopped and the sun was back up! I hope you have […]

Today i got to work, and it was one of those really enjoyable days! Sun, blue sky and a breeze at points. But it is not warm when the wind blows, but the sun is starting to get warmer atleast! But we are in the ending phase of April so it is no surprice! This […]

Today was like a perfect spring day, the sun was shining on a perfect blue cloudless sky. A minor breeze and the temperature above 14 degrees in the sun! I been outside in the sun all day, but thanks to that my feet, legs and back were killing me when i got home again.. Tomorrow […]

Today started with some grey clouds on the sky and i was certain it would come some rain! But i was wrong! The sky broke free into a perfect blue with the sun shining like crazy down onto us. It was such a perfect weather that it was so nice being outside enjoying the sun, […]

Today was a good day weatherwise anyway! The snow was still on the ground, but it had started melting so there was huge water pools on the yard.. This week has some intressting subjects so i will see how this weeks lecture will turn out to be. Hopefully i will manage to finish 2 or […]

This week have really pushed alot, but it has contained both good and bad things. Today was fun tho, was outside alot. The sun was shining and even the birds were singing… Its freaking January not March/April!… After i got home i was dead tired and felt drained after this week. I also noticed that […]

Today was great weatherwise, even tho i was surpriced that the fall already made its presence real noticible… When the sun was out it was to hot, when it was cloudy it was to cold… Tomorrow is Friday and im working abit and then spending the weekend preparing for next weeks exam and lecture! Also […]