Friday feeling dizzy but its a good day!

So yes today is Friday and its time to work the last day of this week! But it wasnt the best day…

So yea when i woke up i was doing alright but as i walked to work i started feeling like i was abit strained, like not a problem cause that tends to happend when i gotta walk faster then i normally am (and i walk fast regularly..)

So i got to work and had the morning meeting to plan next week and evaluate the past week, it was fine, then around 10pm i suddenly felt very dizzy like the whole room was spinning and it didnt let go, but i kept going and just said that i was feeling abit dizzy.

In the afternoon before i got to go home it started snowing.. and snowing and snowing like the sky opened up and down came all the snow again! then 30 minutes later after that had let up we had nice sunshine again.. Really now all we need is rain and then its really April weather (rain, snow and sunshine in the same day within 2 hours).

The rest of the day went by really fast and then when i got home, my neighbor had accepted a package for me since i wasnt home!

So i had some fun opening that when i retrieved it and it was my VR headset! So gonna be trying that today for abit!

So yea can just say that i had a blast trying VR for like 45 minutes to 1 hour and then taking a break cause it really is abit taxing on you when your not used to it!

Now hopefully the weekend is gonna be good!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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