Saturday sometime you need to just be there for someone!

Yes today have been abit taxing on a person i hold very close to my heart, so all i could do was there confirming and showing that i cared!

Its amazing how life throws different things in your face and into your life sometimes, and it affects people around you wich is intresting and its just to accept that it happends!

But when stuff happends to someone i care about and then they hit me with “i am fine” that is abit of a trigger warning for me cause i know they were not fine so i had them spill the beans for me.

I sat there listening and giving pointers from what i could gather and it seems like it helped cause atleast they were smiling abit again after we had talked for like an hour!

Sometimes all you need to do is drag the thoughts out of their head incase they state “i am fine” line wich is VERY OFTEN not even close to the truth!

Anyway now to continue this weekend!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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