So today i been sitting and slowly melting away, its to hot to do anything and even with a cold breeze being amplified by a fan it did not help alot.. So today i wonder if you are having this heatwave, how do you stay cool under this hot days? //Dan

So today was a weird day, i had almost 38 degrees in my room at one point so i opened the window and 10 minutes later i was freezing so i had to close it. This kept on happening.. But i had burgers for dinner and that was so nice! Now i gotta sleep cause […]

So today it was well over 35 degrees and i have been melting, luckily there is ice cream and fans so its survivable.. Tomorrow is said to be as warm maybe abit less but still the summer is here and now i will be enjoying it! //Dan

Today was a good day, sunshine, clouds and a small breeze. It felt so nice working in this weather instead of the blasting sun, that makes it to hot so thats not a nice weather to work in. There was some rain in the evening aswell but that came and went as fast as it […]

So todays title is fairly easy to explain… I have been sneezing since i woke up, its like i have a feather in my nose that tickles me nonstop! Its fairly annoying, hopefully it will stop soon 🤔 Other then sneezing i have just enjoyed this Friday, abit sunny, gentle clouds on the sky and […]

Today i enjoyed the day which was warm but cloudy! I been staring at the clouds listning to a podcast today and reflecting over some things today. It is intresting the clouds just slowly drift either fast or they just seem to be stuck, it was quite enjoyable just sitting back and enjoy watching them. […]