Sunday for the love of … let me sleep!

Yea I couldnt sleep last night!

I was awake until about 4:30 then I was woken up at 6am CAUSE THE TV WAS HAVING ISSUES 6AM! I got to sleep 1.5 hours yay?! And I couldnt go back to sleep…

Then at 9:30 I was asked if I was awake and I just said:

“Yea I never fell asleep again cause people outside scream when they talk in their phone or the birds sit just outside my windows announcing that they are there! Yepp love low sleep nights..

Just for future reference I am not a morning person until I have something to eat.. well strike that I am not a nice person IF YOU DONT LET ME SLEEP and people wonder “why are you frowning today?” Really yea really.. NO LET ME SLEEP! well I managed to start working on the thesis feedback and will most likely be done by wednesday!

Hope your Sunday been better then mine!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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