So the past 3 weeks or so we have had really sunny and warm weather and today it shifted completely! Grey clouds towering all over the sky, a breeze and then it started.. First a small drizzle came and lasted for 5 minutes, THEN thunder started sounding and the rain fell hard! The rain is […]

Yes i will be a true Swede and complain abit about the weather.. So the past days have been quite intresting reguarding weather since April started 5 days ago.. We have had snow, hail, rain, sunshine, fog, thunder, cloudless skies, grey skies.. it has been every kind of weather… Like when we got snow, i […]

Woke up at 8am today and felt refreshed. At 9 i had some breakfast and watched some tv before 11 then it was time to headout to do some shopping before lunch. Then after lunch the clouds started to get dark and thunder started appearing! It is quite soothing listening to rain hitting your window […]

Today i been hanging out with my friends, playing cards, videogames and socialize about big and small questions. There was some rain and thunder aswell but we still just relaxed and enjoyed chilling and talking. Now im back home after a full day, tomorrow is my last vacation day for the next 4 weeks. But […]

Yes this wont be a long blogpost cause im so tired and gonna head to sleep! Today started great with sun and icecream but at 3pm it all changed! The sky turned dark and the rain fell and thunder came around! It kept thundering until 8pm cest! So i been sitting and enjoying the view […]

Yes the first exam was today, we started this morning at 8:30am. The nervs came and it was silly but i felt way to nervous for this exam then i had to be.. The exam went past really fast and we got some feedback wich we discussed abit and made the appropriate changes for next […]