Today was so fun! At work we were outside pretty much all day and had different activities! Tho i realised how out of shape i am so i will probably need to start working out in a gym again cause this was a wake up call for me… I also worked with my classmate to […]

Today have been a good day! Since starting with the idea of making my own rpg game, it has gone abit slow but today it jumped! Today i contacted someone on Twitter about doing a comission for a banner and a avatar, it was no problem so i gave the information on what i wanted […]

Yes today i been doing nothing, this Saturday was great fun playing boardgames until 2am and then sleep until 10am. But not having energy so stayed in bed until 11. Went up and had some brunch since it was to late for breakfast but abit to early for lunch, so it was brunch. Watched 2 […]

Today had quite some heavy rain coming down, but still managed to do a walk before it all started. Today at work it was an relaxing day, since it was a calm day i think that everyone enjoyed it and could have fun today. There isnt to much to read in advance for this weeks […]