Thursday a really good day!

Today have been a good day! Since starting with the idea of making my own rpg game, it has gone abit slow but today it jumped! Today i contacted someone on Twitter about doing a comission for a banner and a avatar, it was no problem so i gave the information on what i wanted…… Continue reading Thursday a really good day!

Tuesday Reading, creating and relaxing.

Today had a good start and i went and did my exam prep with the kids and another teacher, read a book, let them use watercolor and paint what they thought was intressting in the book, talked about various animals and how they live or even where they live. Was fun and it took almost…… Continue reading Tuesday Reading, creating and relaxing.

Wednesday full day of introduction, rain and thunder!

Yes today was the day, back to being a student for the next 10 months again! Today been introduction to this semester wich will be an intense one according to the teachers and students who done this semester before! But it contains so much fun subjects so i wont complain and go for it being…… Continue reading Wednesday full day of introduction, rain and thunder!