So first some work, then when i got home i started reading the book for this week, it is an intresting subject but francly we will see if things get clear next lecture wich is on Wednesday! I am abit excited for this semester but also abit hesitant cause of math.. wich isnt my strong […]

So today started like yesterday at 6:40 and i could not go back to sleep.. I even had to close my window today cause i was freezing… The day kept going and the temperature kept rising, and it seems we are keeping this heat a while longer before the real fall weather will come. Starting […]

The snow came back this afternoon! Today i just decided that i wanted a calm, nothing happening day. The day have been quite enjoyable just doing what i felt like, nothing more nothing less! But tomorrow is the last day of “vacation” until June! Back to uni from next week and new semester starting in […]

Yes today was a good day, finished the chores at home aswell as my written exam that i will be sending in tomorrow and hope it will be good enough for a passing grade. Tomorrow i have plans so im going out for Saturday and Sunday to relax and have alot of discussions, so that […]

Yepp today went by so fast.. And so did these 5 incredible weeks of internship! I learned so much, i do believe i grown as a person aswell, and now next week more exams are coming. But it is only around 10 weeks left before vacation so i think i will survive! The spring came […]