The snow came back this afternoon! Today i just decided that i wanted a calm, nothing happening day. The day have been quite enjoyable just doing what i felt like, nothing more nothing less! But tomorrow is the last day of “vacation” until June! Back to uni from next week and new semester starting in […]

Yes i went to sleep at 3:30am as i pointed out in my last post, but i also didnt sleep for very long… I woke up at 5am, fell back asleep woke up 7am, went back to sleep again woke up at 9 drifted between awake and sleep for around 1 more hour and then […]

Today have been such a weird day, i opened my computer and started watching some youtube videos and suddenly i felt like doing nothing so i walked away from my computer and lied down. Even tho i love games some of them is not giving me the happiness it once did, I think im burned […]