Saturday a day for doing nothing.

Yes i went to sleep at 3:30am as i pointed out in my last post, but i also didnt sleep for very long… I woke up at 5am, fell back asleep woke up 7am, went back to sleep again woke up at 9 drifted between awake and sleep for around 1 more hour and then i was awake.

After abit my friend turned on the TV and said “OH do you know what was released on Netflix?!” I had no idea so we started Netflix and on there was one of the best programs when it comes to expensive and exclusive homes! 2 new seasons!! Yay it is so much fun to watch these sometimes excentric houses and just think if that house is for me or not.

But yea went home abit later and now i hope to get a full night of sleep!

Hope you enjoyed your Saturday!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!