Sunday the stream went longer then i thought!

So today i woke up around 9am and went out to do groceries and some other things i had to do. Todays lunch was a simple dish but we made dessert aswell! Was an awesome start of this Sunday.

I also reflected abit today cause i have been quite insecure about somethings that is fairly stupid to worry about! But it is nice to talk without having to hold back the train of thoughts and worries i have had for quite some time.

Also i started the stream just before 1pm, when i had finished lunch and the stream just went on and was awesome! Talked to people i known for ages, new friends and new people who found my stream. It is crazy i have reached 215 followers on my twitch, when i started streaming i was happy to reach 10 followers here i am 205 followers later and i still cant understand it!

But yea the stream went on for over 6 hours! I honestly didnt feel like it was 6 hours until i realised i was quite hungry so called it a day to go and eat dinner.

Tomorrow is a new week with new encounters!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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