Today was spent with some Netflix serie, and preparing papers for the internship that starts tomorrow! I am glad that another season of Bojack Horseman and Atypical is here so i watched through all the new episodes of Bojack and saving Atypical for this weekend! But im excited for the internship, it will be great! […]

Yes i went to sleep at 3:30am as i pointed out in my last post, but i also didnt sleep for very long… I woke up at 5am, fell back asleep woke up 7am, went back to sleep again woke up at 9 drifted between awake and sleep for around 1 more hour and then […]

Yea this topic pretty much gives and accurate summary of how my Sunday has been.. This morning it was snowing abit, but it went from snow to rain.. can we stop getting snow now and move on to spring?! I also been lazy and majority of this Sunday was spent watching Youtube and Netflix, BUT […]

So since im still sick, i decided to start watching something on netflix and came across the serie called I Zombie. I have already finished the 1st season so today i went through the second season instead. It have some intressting thoughts, what if your a zombie and every brain you eat gives u all […]

So yea its Tuesday again! I was supposed to work today but after sleeping 3 hours and coughing constantly i decided to call in sick. So what have i done instead? Resting alot, started watching I Zombie on Netflix, updated the background art on website. But i also managed to have enough energy to try […]