A Thursday together with zombies!

So since im still sick, i decided to start watching something on netflix and came across the serie called I Zombie. I have already finished the 1st season so today i went through the second season instead. It have some intressting thoughts, what if your a zombie and every brain you eat gives u all the memories and the personality of the person who previously had it. But yea that serie have been my company today while i try and recover as much as possible.

But yea i been coughing alot and not even the meds im taking to calm my coughing help that much, they help abit but its not perfect like with all medicin. Atleast i have been able to rest alot today and hopefully tomorrow i will be back on my feet and alot less coughing.

I also started watching the serie The Good Place wich is pretty much about “heaven” and “hell” but somehow our main antagonist should NOT be in the good place according to her own memories anyway.

Other then resting, watching series i havent done much else cause i have no energy and to get better i need to rest and try eat, drink and sleep to get healthy once again!


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