Wednesday lack of energy and still gotta have it.

So yea this wednesday have been a full fun fest of tasks and demands at me, since we had no food i was forced to go out and buy food and other important things. But that being said i can say that since i have a cold i have no energy, my head feels like it wanna expload and i just wanna rest and sleep so i get better. But for now no cant do, it doesnt help that i am coughing like a maniac and should probably stay in bed and just sleep, eat and drink to get healthy again. But thanks to the current circumstances that is not gonna happend what so ever.

So today have been a long day with shopping and i did a stream of monster hunter world again wich was fun to do. But i notice that i dont have the energy for me to sit and play so i ended the stream earlier then planned cause francly i can just go sleep right about now.

I hope i am better tomorrow cause i am tired of being sick and just wanna get healthy again so i can operate as a normal human being once again. But now cause im tired and no energy i am cranky, annoyed and just unfriendly cause im being forced to do stuff when im sick.

Anyway this has been my Wednesday, tomorrow is thursday and i hope i will have more energy then i have had today.