Saturday, food, gaming and just talking.

So yea today have been spent with getting and preparing food, watching something on netflix aswell as playing some marioparty and it has been good enough to actually spend the day doing that. It has been exactly what was needed for the day and now i am preparing myself for next week as we have a presentation (the last presentation for this course) next week.

I wont be stressing to much this weekend as this is exactly as much energy i have to spend this weekend, just hanging out, playing games and making some food and doing bad knock knock jokes at eachother.

Sometimes as the days go by i dont think i have been appreaciating how much just hanging out means to me. Now luckily enough i have the rest of the spring to focus on exams and then i just hope i will pass my thesis as it is now in 1 week time to start preparing and writing it! I am excited for this but i just hope everything will go fine and that i will be able to pass it, but i will do my best and thats all i can do!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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