Yes today i worked a full day and what a day it has been, i have been out in the rain and it was abit cold but noone really minded. The time flew by before lunch and then it was time for the afternoon before i got to go home. When i got home i […]

It feels abit weird that it has been 2 weeks of January soon, but i am happy that this has gone pretty ok so far. Tho this year really will probably be one of the years that will lead to some hard decisions. But today have been a good day, tho my nose have been […]

Today started hard… trying to wake up at 6:30 was abit hard. But the rest of the day flew by and it was so much fun! Today at work contained soapbubbles, water, and more bubbles aswell as sun and pretty okey sunshine! As July coming to an end and August starting in 2 days it […]

Today started at 4am, got ready had some breakfast and then off to the bus to take it to the internship! The bus took 40 minutes and then another 10 minute walk before i was at my internship! And what i day i have had, played landhockey, building with different materials aswell as read a […]

Today has been a good day, like i have done so much. Actually more then i expected to have been finishing today! Today i woke up at 7am and watched 2 episodes of Good Witch on Netflix. I then went out to do some minor shopping and did some laundry aswell as reading for tomorrow, […]