Saturday a good day!

So today was a really good day and i just say that i managed to win some money wich will be saved and put towards my own place! That was all for today! //Dan

Thursday the first real snow is here!

So now the winter is FINALLY coming! There was a great snowfall today so the ground and the roofs turned white! The day went by really fast and it was quite enjoyable and now ima enjoy the rest of the day and tomorrow will be even better! //Dan

Wednesday the rain was hanging in the air..

So this morning the weather was a real combo… one second sunshine and warm, the next second thick clouds and chilling winds with rain.. This weather continued all day into the afternoon and then around 4pm the sky opened and the rain started pouring down heavily! But that lasted for litterly 3 minutes before the…… Continue reading Wednesday the rain was hanging in the air..

Sunday another beautiful day!

Today have really been good to me, weather wise, yes sunshine and good weather speeds up the pollen but i quite enjoy this awesome weather! Tho if this continue i think my body will shutdown when the big explosion happends.. but we will see i am from tomorrow gonna keep a close eye on the…… Continue reading Sunday another beautiful day!