This will be a short blogpost cause today i pretty much have been resting all day. Why have i been resting all day? I have been completely out of energy, no matter what i do to boost my energy today, i have felt completely drained so i have been taking naps and resting the whole […]

This darn cold or whatever it is has drained me completely.. I had issues sleeping last night cause i kept waking up and when i woke up i started coughing (lovely isnt it…) Today i been getting pretty good naps outthrough the day so thats good! But tomorrow is a new day and i hope […]

Today have been such a weird day, i opened my computer and started watching some youtube videos and suddenly i felt like doing nothing so i walked away from my computer and lied down. Even tho i love games some of them is not giving me the happiness it once did, I think im burned […]

Today since it was the last day of easter i decided to just take it easy and relax all day today! I didnt have any energy today and just felt so tired today, IF i decided to take naps i would have sleept the whole day! Tomorrow is Tuesday and gotta study abit for wednesdays […]

Yesterday i didnt do much, i was working on my exams and listened to music aswell as taking alot of naps cause i had not much energy yesterday. I dont have much energy today either so i am taking it slow cause i dont feel like doing more! So yesterday wasnt much of a happening […]