Today started at 7 or 8 am and after 30 minutes i crashed asleep again i was so tired no energy… Then i woke up at 10 instead and went up had some breakfast and then went out for grocery shopping and had some lunch. Laid down on the couch watching some random movie on […]

Today since it was the last day of easter i decided to just take it easy and relax all day today! I didnt have any energy today and just felt so tired today, IF i decided to take naps i would have sleept the whole day! Tomorrow is Tuesday and gotta study abit for wednesdays […]

Yesterday i didnt do much, i was working on my exams and listened to music aswell as taking alot of naps cause i had not much energy yesterday. I dont have much energy today either so i am taking it slow cause i dont feel like doing more! So yesterday wasnt much of a happening […]