This darn cold or whatever it is has drained me completely.. I had issues sleeping last night cause i kept waking up and when i woke up i started coughing (lovely isnt it…) Today i been getting pretty good naps outthrough the day so thats good! But tomorrow is a new day and i hope […]

So this morning i woke up at 6am couldnt hear properly, my nose was dead and i had a headache.. So i called in sick to the internship place. Took a headache pill and went back to sleep. Mostly i been sleeping, cause i fell asleep while trying to watch a YT video or two.. […]

So today i woke up fairly late, but i just had one of those days you just feel like sleeping all day. So i woke up, went out did some errands, home make lunch and then i have litterly been half sleeping until now pretty much and im gonna go sleep some more. I have […]