This week have been challenging and energy is down the drain, i am feeling really unmotivated today so i wont be really making this a long post cause i just cant think of what is going through my head so i will be back tomorrow with a new post when i collected my head and […]

So today have been a unenergetic day once again. I have tried pushing myself to do things to get some motivation today but francly nothing worked so i pretty much wasted today.. I do plan that tomorrow try and see what i can come up with for the digital exam.. Just so i can start […]

Today started ok at 8am with some breakfast and feeling good about the day, had a mail convo about the exam back and fourth abit just so we could finish it completely. It was after lunch it started going really slow, i felt kinda unmotivated and the time just felt like it slowed way down.. […]

Today have been such a weird day, i opened my computer and started watching some youtube videos and suddenly i felt like doing nothing so i walked away from my computer and lied down. Even tho i love games some of them is not giving me the happiness it once did, I think im burned […]

Today started pretty ok, woke up around 8am, fell asleep until 9am. Went up had breakfast and then relaxed until 11am. Went out for groceries and made lunch. After lunch i didnt have any motivation to do anything so i litterly sat and watched random youtube videos for a few hours… The day continued the […]