Yes so today is the last day of 2019! It has been an emotional and exausting year in so many ways and i personally am glad its over and that i hopefully can enter 2020 with a new mindset that will be neccessary! So what has happend this year? Lets take a look shall we! […]

Today started ok at 8am with some breakfast and feeling good about the day, had a mail convo about the exam back and fourth abit just so we could finish it completely. It was after lunch it started going really slow, i felt kinda unmotivated and the time just felt like it slowed way down.. […]

Yes today i spent online looking at pictures from our biology exam and trying to verify what different species they were… 5 hours spending at googling, checking books and googling some more. 2 hours trying to write up some kind of text for the exam and also checking the book for reference points. Tomorrow is […]

Today it was back to Uni, the day started at 8am going in a car for 2.5 hours to reach my uni. The day contained biology, chemistry and programming and digital education in the form of “Bluebot” its a small robot with 7 buttons on the back: Arrow forward, Arrow right, Arrow left, arrow down, […]

Yea so today i woke up early stayed in bed and didnt do much.. Got up abit later and had some breakfast and watched some tv, before it was time to do some chores and then grocery shopping. Had lunch and then away to work we go for a few hours. Preparing notes for tomorrows […]

Today started at 3:30am to get prepared and get ready for a new day at uni filled with information! We started with biology and chemistry and then we had voice and communication before i had to go home due to some complications, nothing horrible problematic from my side but it was ok. The day went […]