Sunday biology exam prep and working on my sketching abit again!

Today have been a pretty calm day, i spent a few hours looking for information about a certain swedish bird the big woodpecker but one hour into googling and trying to find some type of information i gave up and went downstairs. Luckily i have parents who save nature and animal books so i found two books with some intresting facts about woodpeckers and the big woodpecker here in Sweden. So i found the information i needed aswell as write together a reference list for the exam so that was a good days exam prep if i say so myself.

In the evening i went back to my sketchpad i got for my computer and started just doodle abit to get into the mindset of sketching and what i wanted to sketch, the issue is that i cant really sketch from scratch i need a reference image infront of me to make something. But it just takes practice practice practice so thats what im doing everyday right now. Atleast one sketch a day of something that i have a referance image to and one that i make just from my head and see how they turn out.

I feel good about the fact that im back to sketching and who knows one day i might even get good at it. But for now im happy with my child level of sketching!

I doodled this one down a few days ago so you get an idea on what level i am currently in my abilities at sketching!

Anyway i hope everyone have had a great weekend and that the start of the new week will be good to all of you!