Friday working on the final exam

So i have been thinking when i were gonna bring this subject up again. Its been a while since i posted about exams, i feel like its been a while anyway maybe im wrong… But yea i have a week now until my final exam of the 6th semester is finally over and i am…… Continue reading Friday working on the final exam

Wednesday showcasing some art i made!

So its been 2 days roughly since i got my new sketch tablet and yes i have been using it ALOT! I asked for things to draw on my twitter and got suggested 5 ideas so i will be showcasing these 5 sketches today! I am a beginner so i still sketching to try and…… Continue reading Wednesday showcasing some art i made!

Friday the calm day..

So today is the second day of christmas here in Sweden, and i just been thinking about what i wanna do today so i decided to sit down and sketch abit. I have been sketching more and more the past few days and i notice it brings me some inner peace and that is what…… Continue reading Friday the calm day..

Monday lets be serious.

So today is a new week and its been a good day and all but when i got home i felt really drained and uninspired. I know a few things im really passionate about but i dont really talk about them in real life. So i feel like bringing them up here and why my…… Continue reading Monday lets be serious.

Tuesday study and being abit creative…

So today i was abit all over the place, couldnt really focus to long due to the start of the day.. But managed to go through this weeks lecture material atleast, and check some more thing.. for tomorrow wich is gonna be a discussion seminar. I also got back into creativity and made some sketches…… Continue reading Tuesday study and being abit creative…

Thursday a really good day!

Today have been a good day! Since starting with the idea of making my own rpg game, it has gone abit slow but today it jumped! Today i contacted someone on Twitter about doing a comission for a banner and a avatar, it was no problem so i gave the information on what i wanted…… Continue reading Thursday a really good day!

Sunday biology exam prep and working on my sketching abit again!

Today have been a pretty calm day, i spent a few hours looking for information about a certain swedish bird the big woodpecker but one hour into googling and trying to find some type of information i gave up and went downstairs. Luckily i have parents who save nature and animal books so i found…… Continue reading Sunday biology exam prep and working on my sketching abit again!

Sunday Im starting to worry…

All day today i have been feeling strange and like not sick or anything.. More like im genuinly sad deep inside without no perticular reason.. This song have been speaking to me on a deeper level today.. might be why i feel sad.. And the lyrics “Are we not the same” just keeps resonating…… Continue reading Sunday Im starting to worry…

Sunday a good end to the weekend!

Today been another relaxing day! I feel refreshed and calm in myself for once! Today i did like yesterday, woke up made lunch and dessert! Went and streamed took a small break had dinner and streamed again! Been a good day, tomorrow ima read for wednesday aswell as work on the retake exam to send…… Continue reading Sunday a good end to the weekend!