Wednesday showcasing some art i made!

So its been 2 days roughly since i got my new sketch tablet and yes i have been using it ALOT! I asked for things to draw on my twitter and got suggested 5 ideas so i will be showcasing these 5 sketches today! I am a beginner so i still sketching to try and…… Continue reading Wednesday showcasing some art i made!

Friday slow peaceful day.

This Friday have been so calm, the time has moved slowly, the weather has been abit weird the but that is ok. The day i havent done much been playing some animal crossing new horizon! Aswell as Genshin Impact closed beta 2 so 2 really good games! Yesterday i sent in my old computer aswell…… Continue reading Friday slow peaceful day.

Thursday sunshine and so tired…

Today i woke up 6am… could not go back to sleep at all so i was drained all day… Today i did try sketching and doodling abit but i could not get creative in anyway! I got annoyed with myself cause i wanna get better at sketching, but i think ima start with something simple……… Continue reading Thursday sunshine and so tired…

Tuesday E3 with Nintendo!

Sadly i couldnt physically be at E3 and i would be lieing if i said i didnt wanna be there… But atleast i can watch it through twitch! The whole day i have kept myself busy with cleaning around my home, doing groceries and preparing food! But then 6pm was the time it started! They…… Continue reading Tuesday E3 with Nintendo!