Tuesday E3 with Nintendo!

Sadly i couldnt physically be at E3 and i would be lieing if i said i didnt wanna be there… But atleast i can watch it through twitch!

The whole day i have kept myself busy with cleaning around my home, doing groceries and preparing food!

But then 6pm was the time it started! They showed alot of games the ones im most excited about have to be Pokemon sword and shield aswell as the sequal to Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild! They did show the Marvel Avengers game aswell as Vampire Masquerade bloodline 2, animal crossing and Mario maker 2 before i had to head to bed!

Tomorrow and Thursday i will be working tho so that will be great! I wonder what will happend tomorrow but we shall see!

If you are at E3 i do hope your enjoying everything they present and showcase!

I do gotta say that the new pokemon sword and shield gameplay looked great and cant wait to buy it in November!