Saturday i went back to making youtube videos..

Yes i tried before but after a while i just lost the motivation, idk why but it just felt so reduntant in the past. There is only so much you can do before you reach a certain point and the intresst fades away… A game serie that i always keep close to my heart and…… Continue reading Saturday i went back to making youtube videos..

Tuesday E3 with Nintendo!

Sadly i couldnt physically be at E3 and i would be lieing if i said i didnt wanna be there… But atleast i can watch it through twitch! The whole day i have kept myself busy with cleaning around my home, doing groceries and preparing food! But then 6pm was the time it started! They…… Continue reading Tuesday E3 with Nintendo!

Monday such an relaxing day!

Today have been spent outside enjoying some sun in the shade! Today have been great woke up to 15 degrees and sunshine! I had a small breakfast and went outside to do groceries and just enjoying the day. I also been looking at the E3 schedule and the most exciting one for me is Nintendo…… Continue reading Monday such an relaxing day!