Saturday i went back to making youtube videos..

Yes i tried before but after a while i just lost the motivation, idk why but it just felt so reduntant in the past. There is only so much you can do before you reach a certain point and the intresst fades away…

A game serie that i always keep close to my heart and have since 1999 is Pokemon, this game serie has had me hooked and for each new game it keeps drawing me back for more! It is thanks to a friend i had in my childhood that i came across Pokemon. I just remember it looking so much fun picking your starter, going on an adventure and end up being the champion. It just told me this was something for me!

Now its 2019 and next month on November 15th the next Pokemon game (Sword and Shield) gets released and im excited to the max about it! Since these games are now made for the Nintendo Switch!

Yes im really looking forward to them and cant wait to play!

But now its time to head back on topic and talk about the fact that i today started a new randomizer playthrough of Pokemon Gold. That will be made into a serie! And the first episode is already up on my channel! Watch it here: Episode 1 on youtube!

You can also watch the episode here:

Tomorrow is Sunday so another episode will potentially be up!


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