Yes today was an intensly hot day.. above 20 degrees again… I did some chores today aswell as some laundry since the weather was perfect to let it hang outside to dry. And now we stepped into August wich means its less then one month left before uni starts again and a whole year of […]

Today have been spent outside enjoying some sun in the shade! Today have been great woke up to 15 degrees and sunshine! I had a small breakfast and went outside to do groceries and just enjoying the day. I also been looking at the E3 schedule and the most exciting one for me is Nintendo […]

Today was a nice day! Sun was shining the air was warm and the lawn was being cut! Wait thats not a good thing!? Since i have a allergy towards grass and when it gets cut my allergy flares up.. not the best but atleast summer is here! According to the weather forecast it will […]

Today been a good day! I went back to my internship, it was sunny with -13 degrees celsius outside but it was so refreshing! The snow was glistening on the trees, the windows was frosted and looked so nice and the sun was shining on a blue sky. I havent had the most energy but […]