Thursday clearifying some points. Also Thursday was great!

So i see that alot of comments gets stuck in the built in spam filter sadly, EVEN tho your comment isnt showing up i am reading all of your comments and words of support for that i wanna say thank you!

What you can do is email me on with your feedback aswell and i will be making sure to email you back a personalized respons for every email i get!

I did see that people IF they click notify me about future replies, they might get spammed with this comment has been commeted on. But i cant sadly remove you from that list, i think you yourself have to go into that post where you clicked it and see if you can uncheck yourself.

I will take a look tomorrow again if i can in anyway help with fixing that problem, and if i can i will be updating this post with the results!


Now onto how my Thursday been and it has been amazing! I woke up at 8am and it was already 27 degrees! Like that is warm really really warm. The temperature kept rising all day and i think it peaked at 39 degrees in the sun and 33 degrees in the shade!

I made waffles for lunch and it was delicious and tomorrow is Friday and who knows what is gonna happend tomorrow!

I hope you have enjoyed your Thursday as i have and let us see what tomorrow bring!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!