Today i called my local hospital to have them write up a new medication for me. The rest of the day i didnt really had any energy cause suddenly there was 30+ degrees once again! After Sunday with rain and thunder we got 30+ degrees and no clouds again! I dont mind the sun, but […]

Yes todays weather was hot, like way above 30 degrees hot! The problem is not really the weather, the problem is what comes with the weather wich is lack of energy.. since warm weather and energy is a decent mix for some it is not good for me! My room went up to 35 degrees.. […]

So today is Monday and it is work again! It is such a great weather sunny and warm, such a different from the past few days actually have been pretty coldish… 16 degrees and today was 20 degrees when i left home to go to work. The weather keept being better and better, and the […]

Today was a good day, i did enjoy the sun and a blue sky! The summer is slowly creeping closer and i am just now trying to enjoy my day to the fullest, cause now next week the 5th semester is officially over and summer is here! But now ima keep enjoying the day and […]

Yes today really started great with work and a warm gust of wind! It feels great and i cant wait for the rest of the summer to come tumbling in! So today at work i have been enjoying this weather and tomorrow im off work, on Wednesday i believe there is a lecture! But also […]

Today i woke up at 6am.. tried go back to sleep and couldnt.. This was the start of today.. The rest of the day went by pretty fine, and i could enjoy the warm weather abit before my allergies forced me to go back in.. Yes gotta love this season… luckily the weather are cooling […]

Yea this has been quite an uneventful day, been doing laundry put away some stuff that is not needed anymore and cleaned out the wardrobe to make some space. I also been enjoying the sunshine abit aswell but there have been no wind at all! This afternoon i opened my window and was hoping to […]

Today started quite nice, abit of sun and clouds BUT that turned quickly and no clouds and sun and 35 degrees in the sun blasting into my window from 1pm until 8pm! My room was hot like really hot! Luckily i have my small table fan to blast me with some cold enjoyable air! I […]