Today been abit weird decent but weird on a few levels.. So this morning started with me walking to my internship and before i get there i have a minor hill to climb. Normally this hill is not a problem and is quite nice but today the hill was covered in ice.. Like fall flat […]

Today been a good day! I went back to my internship, it was sunny with -13 degrees celsius outside but it was so refreshing! The snow was glistening on the trees, the windows was frosted and looked so nice and the sun was shining on a blue sky. I havent had the most energy but […]

Today started nicely, woke up stayed in bed for an extra 30 minutes cause i could and then out and did groceries. Cause i needed ingrediences for the meatloaf that was gonna be todays lunch.  It was only -3 degrees celsius so the air was pretty nice, the issue is not the cold air or […]

So Thursday i woke up looking outside and it is one of those grey cold December days, but today we in Sweden celibrate St Lucia. But this year i had sadly no feeling for this so i didnt really pay attention to it.  Since yesterday evening i have been feeling abit down, sadly this will […]